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Gilles Martineau, a fund creator unlike any other

Gilles Martineau is not someone we tend to forget! Afflicted by severe multiple sclerosis since 2010, he is confined to an ultra-sophisticated wheelchair, specially adapted to his needs. He can only move his head.

His great determination, coupled with his dreams, drove him to create le Fonds Handi-Liberté at Philanthropie Estrie.

The mission of Fonds Handi-Liberté is to bring financial assistance to projects that promote personal autonomy, social participation and accessibility to handicapped persons.

The fund accords particular attention to projects that promote individual achievement, breaking out of isolation and reinforcing the positive image of persons living with a handicap.

Afflicted by severe multiple sclerosis since 2010, Gilles Martineau struggles to stay active and autonomous. After more than 20 years of climbing and mountaineering, Gilles was forced to adapt to his new, daily reality. He went from climbing various surfaces to sailing on the high seas, allowing his to pursue his dreams of adventure and exploring open spaces.

As his balance started to deteriorate, he shifted to a wheelchair, and set out to travel and meet other cultures. He spent two winters in Vietnam and Thailand.

Today with increasingly reduced mobility, he seeks to help others reach their full potential autonomously despite being handicapped.

It is by creating Fonds Handi-Liberté that Gilles continues to live life as he would like. He challenges all of us to support his cause.

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