Mission, values, history

Philanthropie Estrie serves as a community gateway for all types of philanthropists to leave a positive mark on their local community forever.

We help grow the assets of philanthropists to allow them to permanently support the causes they hold dear to their heart.

Bolstered by more than $8M in financial assets, Philanthropie Estrie annually grants financial aid to organizations in Estrie and elsewhere in the Eastern Townships.

We envision things with a perspective toward the future: we identify the long-term needs and occasions and invest in sustainable solutions to help our communities obtain the resources they need to continue to grow.

Specific approach

  • we invite those who wish to give, to participate as builders of a mutual help society;
  • we help them define and achieve their philanthropic objectives;
  • we suggest causes and organizations which correspond with their preoccupations;
  • we come up with innovative and responsible ways to ensure a sustainable effect for their investments.


Support Townships’ communities through the development of a philanthropic and perennial heritage, in synergy with the community.


To be known as the reference for the creation of patrimonial philanthropy destined for the Estrie and other Townships’ communities in terms of social, culture, natural and economic well-being.



Develop relationships based on confidence and reciprocity. Cooperate with members of our community, promote mutual aid and new synergies.


Attend meetings of the different Townships’ communities to understand their stakes and aspirations as well as identified solutions.


Enhance diversity, employ equitable, fair and respectful practices that are fully inclusive for the entire community and which eliminate all forms of discrimination.


Apply skills in the service of the community and its donor partners or fund creators. Continuously improve practices.


Act in an honest, transparent, prudent, professional and responsible manner.


  • Formerly known as the Fondation communautaire de l’Estrie and the Eastern Townships Community Foundation, Philanthropie Estrie saw the light of day in May, 2002. The organization was born thanks to the work and creativity of some visionary philanthropists who were preoccupied by the development of the community.
  • The original setting up of Philanthropie Estrie was piloted by Centraide Estrie.
  • In 2023, la Fondation communautaire de l’Estrie changed its name to Philanthropie Estrie. In English, it will retain its name, Eastern Townships Community Foundation.
  • The principal territory served by Philanthropie Estrie includes the 118 municipalities in the nine MRCs (regional county municipalities).
  • We are part of the Community Foundations of Canada alliance, of which there are 11 in Québec and more than 200 across the country.

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