Philanthropie Estrie Honours Four Founding Members

During its 20th anniversary celebration evening, Philanthropie Estrie had the pleasure of naming four life members.

These esteemed gentlemen, who occupy a special place in our hearts, are none other than the visionary founders of our organization. Their devotion, their passion and their commitment were the pillars on which Philanthropie Estrie was built, and we will always recognize them for their inestimable contribution.

Claude Forgues

The holder of a Master’s degree in the social services, Claude Forgues worked in the social and collective economy sector as well as in housing cooperatives in the Estrie region. But we especially know him as the Director General of Centraide Estrie, a position he held for 37 years. At the turn of the century and a new millennium in the year 2000, he brought together some similar-minded colleagues to discuss a community-enhancing idea. The seeds of these exchanges were planted a few months later when the Fondation communautaire de l’Estrie / Eastern Townships Community Foundation came to life. Today we know it as Philanthropie Estrie or Eastern Townships Community Foundation for English speakers.


Jean Demers

Jean Demers, CPA spent his career as an accountant and auditor with the firm of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, where he was an associate. Over the years he frequently served as the auditor and counsellor for regional organizations. As the accountant for Centraide, it was in this capacity that he responded positively to the call from Mr. Forgues. He became the first president of the Foundation.

Jean Ross

Jean Ross, who was also an accountant, enjoyed a successful career in the world of finance, occupying such different roles as banker, accountant, economic crimes expert and investment counsellor. He was actively involved in the Centraide campaign in his area of professional activities. It was at this moment that he became a founding father of the Foundation and served during its initial years as a board member and resource person.

Jean-Marie Cliche

Jean-Marie Cliche was a chemistry professor for 33 years at the Université de Sherbrooke. Throughout his career he was always actively involved in his community. This commitment was frequently recognized including the awarding of the Quebec Lieutenant Governor’s award in 2010. At the time he was president of the seniors’ group, Maison des Grands-Parents de Sherbrooke, dedicated to helping families and youth, he received a call from Claude Forgues. Like his just-mentioned colleagues, he is a pioneer who served as vice-president of the Foundation for 15 years.


Pictured in the photo by Marimay Loubier are our four honorary members, accompanied by Philanthropie Estrie president Véronique Bisaillon and Robert Gagné, secretary.


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